Driving Translational Imaging to a Drug Industry Standard: Case Studies in Glioblastoma and Other Clinically Predictive Cancer Models

Medical imaging technologies can facilitate drug discovery, efficacy evaluation, and translation into the clinic. Now a maturing platform, molecular imaging is the catalyst for a new standard of how drug candidates are evaluated and advanced into trials. By providing clinically translatable biomarkers as an accompaniment to standard measures of response, imaging leverages and amplifies the […]

Advancing Discovery and Development of Biologics Through Non-Invasive Biodistribution Imaging

With the ability to provide non-invasive, three dimensional, and quantitative data; PET, SPECT, and fluorescence imaging (FMT) enable translational imaging of biodistribution, molecular and cellular targeting, competitive binding and PK/PD. These imaging applications have become critical assays for biologics characterization for discovery screening, lead candidate selection, optimization and safety. The use of imaging-based biodistribution applications […]