Fluorescence Molecular Tomography

Deep Tissue 3D Imaging for In Vivo Biodistribution and Monitoring of Disease Processes Fluorescence Molecular Tomography (FMT) is a non-invasive imaging modality designed to three-dimensionally visualize and quantify near-infrared fluorescence (NIRF) signal in tissues.[1] FMT offers a robust and sensitive alternative to traditional bio-distribution studies using invasive procedures or radiolabeling. It can be used to […]

Prostate Cancer Modeling with PC-3: One Model, Four Applications

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer in men, with 1 in 9 men being diagnosed in their lifetime at a mean age of 66. In 2019, prostate cancer is estimated to have 174,650 new diagnoses and 31,620 patient deaths. Prognoses are very good for patients in which disease is detected early, with […]

Drug Discovery is Not Black and White—Why Should Your Studies Be?

Medical imaging is a powerful tool that allows for in vivo and ex vivo quantification of various endpoints which can aid in oncology research and drug discovery. With a myriad of imaging options, how do you know which method is the most appropriate for your needs? The purpose of this blog is to bring clarity […]

Longitudinal Evaluation of Orthotopic Lung Tumors With Imaging

Clinical imaging technologies have been vital for detecting and following disease progression/regression for many years, as examples, Computed Tomography (CT) can measure tumor volume over time and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) can measure metabolic activity within the tumors. At Covance we have been utilizing preclinical imaging technologies for over a […]

Quantifying in vivo Biodistribution and Kinetics of Your Biologic or Nanomaterial

With the ability to provide non-invasive, three dimensional, longitudinal, and quantitative data—PET, SPECT, and fluorescence imaging (FMT) enable translational imaging of: Biodistribution Targeting Kinetics Clearance Pathways In vivo biodistribution imaging applications are now critical assays for biologics characterization for discovery screening, lead candidate selection/optimization and safety. At Covance we combine highly sensitive PET, SPECT, and fluorescence […]