MODEL SPOTLIGHT | Syngeneic Model for Preclinical Evaluation of Ovarian Cancer

Within the biotech and pharma community, ovarian cancer is an active area of drug discovery and development. We have established the ID8 murine ovarian carcinoma cell line as a preclinical syngeneic model that can be used to track and monitor disease progression and therapeutic outcomes.

Building upon our April 2018 ID8 model spotlight, we continue its efforts to expand characterization of the ID8 model. In our current spotlight we present:

  • An overview of the ID8 murine ovarian carcinoma model
  • The immunophenotyping data of the ascites fluid
  • Additional data with regards to the model responsiveness to immune checkpoint inhibition

Read our Model Spotlight to see the latest data we have compiled on our ID8 model. Just fill out the form for an instant download.