MODEL SPOTLIGHT | Subcutaneous and Systemic Preclinical Modeling of A20 Murine B Cell Lymphoma

  • While the five-year survival rate for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma is relatively high at 71%, recurrence is common, so continued discovery of improved treatments for lymphoma is important for long term survival of these patients.
  • Researchers use preclinical mouse modeling of lymphoma to explore novel combination strategies of conventional chemotherapy or radiation and immunomodulatory agents.
  • We developed the A20 tumor model, a murine B cell lymphoma, to support these immuno-oncology applications.

Building upon our 2017 A20 model spotlight, we continued efforts to expand characterization of the A20 model. In our current spotlight we present initial anti-tumor response data in established subcutaneous A20 tumors as well as present growth kinetics of the systemic luciferase-enabled A20 model with tumor progression monitored by bioluminescence imaging (BLI).

Download the full article to see why the A20 model provides robust preclinical means to study B Cell lymphoma by both subcutaneous and systemic methods.