The Next Cancer Research Breakthrough

When researching therapeutic and preventative treatments for cancer, there are a tremendous number of processes and approaches to investigate. We understand the breadth of information you need to consider when researching therapeutic and preventative treatments for cancer. We have the cutting-edge technology and tools essential to provide high-quality data to help you make the right decision about moving your drug candidate forward or halting it early in the pipeline. Choosing to partner with a company that has access to the best technologies and methods for your needs can allow you to make better decisions, saving you time and money.

Cell Line Models

Our scientists work collaboratively with you to thoroughly evaluate your drug candidates, planning an approach that takes advantage of the widest breadth of analysis tools and models in the industry. Use our cell line models to interrogate the pharmacology of your drug candidates and get the decision-driving data you need to make go/no-go decisions on your drug programs.

Tumor Line Bank

We have an extensive tumor line bank, including both human and syngeneic (murine) models, representing more than 30 distinct histotypes for your research needs.

Many models have been characterized for important genetic and molecular markers, and several of these lines have been luciferase-enabled to support in vivo monitoring and tracking by bioluminescence imaging. We are continually expanding our bank of models, the genetic and phenotypic profile of those models, and their use in the subcutaneous, orthotopic, metastatic, and disseminated settings.

PDX Models

We provide you access to patient-derived material (PDX) for in vivo small animal imaging or focal beam radiation related studies.

We have internally developed some of these PDX models as orthotopic implants, applying our wide array of imaging modalities to track and characterize tumors.

New Models

Through internal research activities and in collaboration with you, we are continuously developing new models.

For the establishment of new models, our scientific and technical staff work in close partnership with you to provide the experimental setting that is most appropriate for your needs. In addition, we will accept your cell lines and transgenic animals to be a true extension of your lab.

Highly Skilled Scientific Team

Our scientific team has years of training and experience in the oncology pharmacology industry with unmatched in vitro and in vivo know-how and expertise. Our senior scientific leaders understand the process and pressures inherent in commercial research and development, having successfully transitioned dozens of drug discovery programs into clinical development in their careers. We have the specialized expertise to assist you during your preclinical oncology drug discovery and development efforts.

We’ve been supporting you with in-depth oncology pharmacology expertise since 2003.

The Model Makes All the Difference

Our foundation is in discovery and traditional small animal pharmacology. Since 2003, our team has executed over 3,000 pharmacology-based studies. We work with you to choose the correct model to demonstrate key milestones in the drug discovery process including evaluation of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, anti-tumor activity, and more. We offer the following tumor models for your oncology pharmacology research: