Flow Cytometry-Based Tools to Enrich Your Preclinical Immuno-Oncology Research

Overview: Flow cytometry provides a highly adaptable and quantitative method for investigating both the cellular distribution and intracellular changes that occur in tumors and peripheral lymphoid organs in response to therapy. As clinical successes with cancer immunotherapy accumulate, preclinical immuno-oncology research depends on greater mechanistic understanding of novel therapeutic strategies. […]

Utilization of Preclinical Radiation in Oncology Mouse Models

Webinar Description: More than 50% of all cancer patients receive some sort of radiation therapy as part of their disease treatment plan. However, there remains a persistent lack of drug development with radiation combinations. In order to venture into clinical trials many drug developers want and need preclinical validation of […]

Driving Translational Imaging to a Drug Industry Standard: Case Studies in Glioblastoma and Other Clinically Predictive Cancer Models

Medical imaging technologies can facilitate drug discovery, efficacy evaluation, and translation into the clinic. Now a maturing platform, molecular imaging is the catalyst for a new standard of how drug candidates are evaluated and advanced into trials. By providing clinically translatable biomarkers as an accompaniment to standard measures of response, imaging leverages and amplifies the […]

Advancing Discovery and Development of Biologics Through Non-Invasive Biodistribution Imaging

With the ability to provide non-invasive, three dimensional, and quantitative data; PET, SPECT, and fluorescence imaging (FMT) enable translational imaging of biodistribution, molecular and cellular targeting, competitive binding and PK/PD. These imaging applications have become critical assays for biologics characterization for discovery screening, lead candidate selection, optimization and safety. The use of imaging-based biodistribution applications […]

Advances in Inflammation Models and Associated Drug Evaluation: Improved Assessment Using Imaging Biomarkers

Covance’s Patrick McConville, Ph.D and James Mobley Ph.D., Founder and CSO, Sunapten Therapeutics, Inc. discussed how advances in the understanding of the pathophysiology of human inflammatory diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease have been aided by the development of clinically translatable animal models, and increasingly sophisticated means of assessing drug efficacy in those […]