MODEL SPOTLIGHT | PyMT – A Transplantable Murine Model of Breast Cancer

Animal models can be very powerful tools for analyzing the development and progression of cancer. One example of this is the transgenic polyoma middle T oncoprotein (PyMT) model. We developed and optimized a transplantable version of the MMTV-PyMT model from transgenic host mice. Transplantable PyMT is a very useful model to evaluate drugs targeting breast carcinoma due to its similarities with human breast cancer. This offers the research community the ability to utilize a model that mimics many aspects and complexities of the clinical disease.

Many clinical approaches in breast cancer are now incorporating immunotherapies and/or radiation therapy as part of ongoing clinical trials. In this model spotlight we show data on tumor growth, the immune profile, and response to treatments with checkpoint inhibitors and focal radiation in the preclinical setting. Learn more about our transplantable PyMT model by reading our full article.

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