Standard Panels for Flow Cytometry Established

February 5, 2016


Standard Immunophenotyping Panels

Accurate immunophenotyping by flow cytometry can uncover the mechanism of immuno-modulatory treatments.  Molecular Imaging offers a comprehensive line of antibody panels that enables identification and functional characterization of myeloid and lymphoid subsets that are key regulators of disease.

Lymphoid Lineage Myeloid Lineage
  • CD4+ T cells
  • CD8+ T cells
  • Regulatory T cells
  • B cells
  • Natural killer cells
  • Natural killer T cells
  • Myeloid-derived suppressor cell (MDSC) subsets
  • Macrophages (M1 & M2 phenotypes)
  • Dendritic cells
  • Macrophages
  • Neutrophils
  • Monocytes
Panels range from basic cell identification to comprehensive immune profiling and functional characterization.

Flow Cytometry Services

In addition to these standard panels, we also perform custom panel validation in collaboration with our clients to help you identify:

  • Particular cell types important to your program
  • Cell surface markers of interest
  • Intra-cellular markers of interest

We also measure ex vivo cellular responses to treatment in different cell subsets. These cellular activation assays allow you to go beyond phenotypic analysis and functionally characterize immune activity in a disease model of interest. Functional endpoints that can be tested include:

  • Cytokine production
  • Transcription factor up-regulation
  • Cell signaling molecule activation
  • Induction of surface activation marker expression