Preclinical Studies for Your Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy

July 28, 2016

shutterstock-278560739-squareOncolytic virus immunotherapy is experiencing an increase in interest with several types of viruses having progressed to advanced efficacy trials. Recent FDA approval of a novel viral therapy demonstrates the potential of this therapeutic approach. The mechanism of action for virus therapy is based on the fact that certain viruses can enter cancer cells and replicate there. At the same time, inducing an immune response to oncolytic viruses is an essential component of the antitumor effect. Oncolytic virotherapy research is gaining momentum quickly with several institutions evaluating the potential benefit of this type of therapy.

Over the last 12 months MI Bioresearch (MI), has completed more than 20 client-sponsored preclinical studies of oncolytic virus immunotherapies. In order to support an increasing demand in this area, MI is investing in expanding its BSL2 (Biosafety Level 2) facilities capacity. Combined with the breadth of our oncology models expertise and analytical platforms, including advanced flow cytometry, and industry-leading in vivo imaging capabilities, we are your partner of choice for the preclinical assessment of your oncolytic virus immunotherapy.

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