Molecular Imaging, Inc. hires Scott Wise as Director, Study Operations and Sr. Research Advisor, Molecular Targets.

April 9, 2013
Molecular Imaging, Inc., a specialty contract research organization providing multi-modality preclinical in vivo imaging services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, today announced that Scott C. Wise, M.S has joined the company as the new  Director, Study Operations and Sr. Research Advisor, Molecular Targets.

Mr. Wise was formerly Senior Director of Biology at Deciphera Pharmaceuticals. He has over 16 years of drug discovery experience ranging from target identification and assay development to in vivo pharmacology and biomarkers. Prior to joining Deciphera he was a Senior Scientist at Pfizer where he worked on numerous discovery projects and played a key role in the implementation of a fully automated miniaturized screening platform capable of processing 500,000 wells/day.

Mr. Wise will oversee study execution at the company and deepen the company’s expertise and experience in molecular biology and drug discovery, as well as the optimal use of discovery contract research services for decision making.  Mr. Wise will also introduce new in vitro and bioanalytical services for MII clients both internally and through external partnerships.  These services will provide important correlates for in vivo pharmacology imaging work performed by clients at MII.

“We are very pleased to have Scott join the Molecular Imaging team.  Scott’s deep pharmacology knowledge, particularly cancer signal pathways, customer-based perspective and appreciation for the role and value of in vivo imaging complements and extends the core of who we are and why customers value working with us.” states Tom Ludlam, President and CEO at Molecular Imaging.

In his role at Deciphera, Mr. Wise supervised the external placement of pharmacology imaging studies in oncology and inflammation as well as built, staffed and directed an in vitro drug discovery facility.  Through CRO placement of pharmacology and in vivo imaging studies, Mr. Wise helped advance drug candidates from the discovery stage into clinical trial and into big pharma licensing relationships.  He successfully used in vivo imaging for decision making related to lead optimization and translational imaging for clinical candidate selection.

“I have first hand knowledge of the value of pharmacology imaging and CRO partnerships. Pharmacology imaging is a valuable endeavor that requires deep and broad expertise for optimal use and decision making at the back end. I’m greatly looking forward to assisting our pharmaceutical company clients in this expanding and important area of discovery and seeing them enhance their drug discovery and development decision making and successes.” states Mr. Wise.

About Molecular Imaging, Inc.
Molecular Imaging, Inc. is a specialty contract research organization (CRO) located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Molecular Imaging employs a wide array of imaging technologies, including MRI, micro-CT, micro-PET, SPECT and optical (two-dimensional and molecular fluorescence tomography) to quantitatively measure response to therapy at anatomical, functional and molecular levels. Molecular Imaging Inc. also conducts applications research to develop and optimize the use of imaging and actively seeks collaborations to further advance imaging in the field of drug discovery.