Molecular Imaging, Inc. Adds SPECT Capabilities to Its Broad Suite of in vivo Imaging Tools

October 4, 2012
Molecular Imaging, Inc, a specialty contract research organization providing multi-modality preclinical in vivo imaging services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, today announced that it now offers SPECT imaging as part of its suite of imaging modalities.

Molecular Imaging, Inc has expanded its preclinical nuclear medicine program with the addition of Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) imaging.  This decision was driven by the growing industry understanding of the value of in vivo molecular imaging throughout the entire drug development process. SPECT is an exciting preclinical modality that allows researchers to ‘tag’ potential treatments with a variety of radioactive labels to assess, among other things, biodistribution, and is particularly useful for larger molecules such as biologics. The robust data acquired can help provide better lead optimization, clinically translatable imaging biomarkers, and help mitigate clinical trial risk.

Molecular Imaging acquired the Bioscan NanoSPECT/CT® Plus (manufactured by Mediso) four-headed dual modality unit with the assistance of a $2 million capital lease line recently secured from Trinity Capital Investment (TCI) as part of the company’s efforts to broaden imaging modalities and prepare for growth.  Coupled with the company’s rich pharmacology expertise and broad range of imaging capabilities, the addition of SPECT/CT reinforces the company’s position as the leader in providing preclinical imaging services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Preclinical SPECT is a very flexible method for quantitatively determining biologics biodistribution, kinetics and targeting. Key advantages over other methods to address these needs include:

  • Non-invasiveness
  • 3-dimensionality, with tissue localization
  • Ability to use multiple isotopes to tag different regions of a biologic and, therefore, address different questions simultaneously and more cost-effectively
  • Ability to examine fine kinetics
    • Imaging at fine time points to establish a kinetic curve  by tissue or even by tissue compartment (heterogeneity)
  • Broad number of tracers allows assessment of efficacy and performance

“We are very excited about increasing access to cutting edge technology for our clients as they look to develop an increasing numbers of biologics in their discovery and development programs.   Increased availability to a translational imaging modality that provides clinically relevant and robust data will assist a company’s early understanding of a drug candidate and help them make more confident decisions. Furthermore, the challenges facing today’s researchers’ makes outsourcing of these imaging studies to a specialized CRO an attractive alternative to large capital investments.” states Nick Ayers, VP of Sales and Marketing at Molecular Imaging.

Molecular Imaging Inc. was the first to establish high throughput, quantitative multi-modality imaging protocols relevant to the pharmaceutical industry as a CRO. The addition of SPECT continues that innovative trend.

About Molecular Imaging, Inc.
Molecular Imaging, Inc. is a specialty contract research organization (CRO) located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Molecular Imaging employs a wide array of imaging technologies, including MRI, micro-CT, micro-PET, SPECT and optical (two-dimensional and molecular fluorescence tomography) to quantitatively measure response to therapy at anatomical, functional and molecular levels. Molecular Imaging Inc. also conducts applications research to develop and optimize the use of imaging and actively seeks collaborations to further advance imaging in the field of drug discovery.

About Trinity Capital Investment, LLC (TCI)

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 NanoSPECT/CT® Plus is a registered trademark of Bioscan

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