Molecular Imaging Embraces XSTRAHL Targeted Irradiation Technology

October 29, 2015
ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN (October 28, 2015) — Molecular Imaging, Inc., a leading provider of preclinical oncology services, announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Xstrahl, Inc.  Under the agreement, Molecular Imaging will add Xstrahl’s industry-leading Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) to its existing portfolio of technologies supporting its services business.  The SARRP system enables Image Guided Micro Irradiation (IGMITM) techniques with high-resolution imaging.  The SARRP system will be installed, validated, and fully operational in early November 2015.

Over the last 10+ years Molecular Imaging, an oncology-focused preclinical contract research organization (CRO), has combined its scientific talent and in-house technologies to support client efforts to interrogate the complex pharmacology associated with cancer and cancer treatment.  Molecular Imaging’s expert pharmacology and imaging staff offers a broad range of well-profiled preclinical in vivo pharmacology cancer models, a full suite of cutting-edge in vivo imaging tools and core, complementary in vitro tools, including 14-color flow cytometry to enhance understanding of immune system response to disease and treatment.

Maryland Franklin, PhD, Senior Director of Scientific Development at Molecular Imaging, says the addition of Xstrahl’s SARRP system is timely.  “Over the last few years,” says Franklin, “Molecular Imaging has experienced dramatic growth in demand, particularly within immuno-oncology.  The Image Guided Irradiation offered by the SARRP system provides opportunities to more efficiently and effectively incorporate irradiation into our immuno-oncology study designs.  Additional benefits of the SARRP include evaluation of novel radiation techniques, preclinical experimentation on potential radiosensitizers for cancer treatment, and overlaying irradiation with other forms of traditional or immuno-therapies.  Radiation therapy is utilized in over 50 percent of cancer patients worldwide.  The SARRP represents the most advanced preclinical platform to run studies that are more representative of those presently or potentially being used in the clinic.”

Adrian Treverton, Chief Operating Office of Xstrahl Life Sciences expressed enthusiasm for the addition of the SARRP system to Molecular Imaging’s extensive preclinical armamentarium.  “As a leading designer and manufacturer of x-ray therapy systems for use in cancer treatment and research, Xstrahl is pleased that a leading preclinical CRO of Molecular Imaging’s caliber has adopted the SARRP system.  We hope that, through Molecular Imaging, knowledge of and appreciation for the integration of irradiation in a preclinical setting will be advanced.  As important, a SARRP system at Molecular Imaging offers pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of incorporating the benefits of targeted irradiation, and particularly the SARRP system, to their preclinical discovery and development programs.”

About Xstrahl Life Sciences

Xstrahl Life Sciences is collaborating with leading research groups to develop imaging and dose delivery research systems that enable researchers to better understand the effect of targeted radiation.  SARRP enhances the understanding of how radiation interacts with tissue, the mechanisms of DNA repair and ultimately how radiation can be used in the most effective way to improve patient centered healthcare.  SARRP is a customizable and powerful research platform designed to provide the preclinical research community with the most clinically relevant, reproducible, and technically advanced studies.  This system has been developed to match the standard of care for radiation treatments in a Pre-Clinical setting.  For more information, please visit

About Molecular Imaging, Inc.

Molecular Imaging, Inc. is an oncology-focused specialty contract research organization (CRO), headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Molecular Imaging provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with a broad array of preclinical oncology models – human and syngeneic, advanced pharmacology services, a full suite of in vivo imaging tools (MRI – 11.7T, 7T, PET, SPECT, CT, bioluminescence, fluorescence, fluorescence molecular tomography, 2D x-ray, DEXA) and an array of in vitro services, including 14-color flow cytometry.  Molecular Imaging’s scientists have the expertise and experience to employ any or all of these capabilities to provide insight into the complex pharmacology of cancer and cancer treatment and an extensive database of historical experience for reference.  For more information, visit or email