Maryland R. Franklin, Ph.D. joins Molecular Imaging, Inc. as the new Director of Oncology Pharmaco-Imaging

March 12, 2014
Ann Arbor, MI March 12, 2014 Molecular Imaging, Inc. (MII), a contract research organization providing preclinical pharmacology and multi-modality preclinical in vivo imaging services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, today announced that Maryland R. Franklin, Ph.D. has joined the company as the new Director of Oncology Pharmaco-Imaging. Dr. Franklin was formerly at OSI Pharmaceuticals (a wholly owned subsidiary of Astellas Pharma US) most recently serving as the Director of In Vivo Pharmacology. She brings over 12 years of drug discovery experience with a background that was focused on design, execution and analysis of in vivo pharmacology studies for oncology target validation, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic correlation to anti-tumor activity, drug combinations, dose scheduling and biomarker identification.

While at OSI she worked on numerous discovery projects and played a key role in transitioning programs into clinical development. She also interacted heavily with clinical development teams to further the bedside-to-bench aspect of translational in vivo pharmacology. Dr. Franklin will oversee the development and deployment of the MII pharmaco-IMAGING platform to enhance integration of oncology pharmacology and imaging.  As part of this, Dr. Franklin will directly support development of new scientific partnerships with MII clients.

” Maryland’s depth of in vivo pharmacology knowledge, particularly in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, cancer signaling pathways, animal models and translational pharmacology complements and extends the core of who we are and how we are integrating in vivo imaging as an enhancer of the discovery and translation process” stated Patrick McConville.  “Having Maryland join others here that have also led discovery programs, like Dick Leopold and Scott Wise, defines us as a global leader in the oncology CRO space and provides our clients with an invaluable resource, and the confidence that we have been in their shoes”, he added.

While at OSI Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Franklin supervised the internal and external placement of oncology focused in vivo pharmacology studies as well as established and managed external collaborations developed around target identification, biomarkers, animal models and imaging. She also helped establish an internal platform for imaging changes within tumor cells and evaluate growth and dissemination of novel tumor models. Dr. Franklin was a key contributor in the discovery and early clinical development of the small molecule IGF-1R/IR dual inhibitor, OSI-906 (linsitinib) and provided key drug combination data and novel tumor models to support further clinical development of the small molecule EGFR inhibitor erlotinib (Tarceva®.)

“Not only does Molecular Imaging provide industry leading work in traditional subcutaneous xenografts models, they also provide next generation approaches to models and technologies to deliver data sets that are more rapidly clinically translatable. Molecular Imaging is well poised to provide additional clues to the variances and nuances of our current models from a closer to the clinic perspective.  The company’s expanding orthotopic, hematologic and PDX models portfolio with integrated imaging extensions, makes the company unique. I’m excited by the opportunity to be a part of this organization and provide high quality, scientifically driven data sets to our clients that will help further deliver novel entities into clinical trials.” stated Dr. Franklin.

About Molecular Imaging, Inc.
Molecular Imaging, Inc. is a contract research organization (CRO) located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Molecular Imaging employs a wide array of imaging technologies, including MRI, micro-CT, micro-PET, SPECT, ultrasound and optical (two-dimensional and molecular fluorescence tomography) to quantitatively measure response to therapy at anatomical, functional and molecular levels. Molecular Imaging Inc. also conducts applications research to develop and optimize the use of imaging and actively seeks collaborations to further advance imaging in the field of drug discovery.