MODEL SPOTLIGHT | Modeling Liver Cancer with Syngeneic Hepa 1-6: An Update

We have developed a syngeneic hepatocellular carcinoma model, Hepa 1-6, for preclinical evaluation of immunomodulatory drug candidates. Our Hepa 1-6 tumor model established in immunocompetent mice represents a clinically relevant model for preclinical testing of immunotherapy.

As a follow-up to our 2018 Hepa 1-6 model spotlight, where we presented initial subcutaneous growth of the model and response data; our current article discusses our continued refining of this model to enable checkpoint inhibition as a combination strategy. This model spotlight presents anti-tumor response data in a model of advanced subcutaneous Hepa 1-6 disease, with further investigations with a luciferase-enabled version that is being optimized for use in orthotopic modeling of liver cancer.

Find out more on our syngeneic Hepa 1-6 model and review the full set of continued data.

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