MODEL SPOTLIGHT | MC38: An Immunoresponsive Murine Tumor Model

Image for Landing Page for MS MC38Prevention and early detection initiatives against colon cancer over the last several decades, together with improved treatment options, have resulted in reductions of diagnoses and deaths.  These measures have also increased the five-year overall survival rate to 64.9%, but survival drops precipitously for those patients whose cancer is not detected early. For this reason, the development of new treatments for colorectal cancer is a continual need.

The advent of immunotherapy has necessitated syngeneic mouse tumor models with desirable growth kinetics and response to immunomodulatory agents. One of these colon adenocarcinoma models, MC38, has been characterized by MI Bioresearch to support immunotherapy drug development.

In this model spotlight you will find data pertaining to the mean and individual growth of MC38 following:

  • Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy
  • Costimulatory Antibody Therapy
  • Focal Radiation Therapy
  • Combination Treatment With Anti-mPD-1 and Focal Radiation


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