Maryland Franklin, Ph.D., Vice President, Scientific Development
Sarah Krueger, Ph.D., Scientist, Imaging Operations


December 2017

Presented November 2, 2017 by Covance
Hosted by Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Webinar Description:
More than 50% of all cancer patients receive some sort of radiation therapy as part of their disease treatment plan. However, there remains a persistent lack of drug development with radiation combinations. In order to venture into clinical trials many drug developers want and need preclinical validation of their strategy. At Covance we utilize the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP; Xstrahl) to provide image-guided focal beam radiation in preclinical mouse models of oncology. In this webinar we will discuss the various models and methods that can be used to determine appropriate single agent radiation doses in syngeneic tumor models and discuss some of our data utilizing SARRP treatment in combination with check point inhibitors or conventional chemotherapy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Basic radiobiology and role of radiation therapy in oncology treatment
  • Comparison of broad field and focal radiation in preclinical cancer models
  • Ability to combine radiation and chemotherapy in a human tumor xenograft model
  • Sensitivity of murine syngeneic models to focal radiation
  • Ability to combine radiation and a checkpoint inhibitor in a murine glioblastoma tumor model

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