Dylan Daniel, PhD, Director, Scientific Development
David Draper, PhD, Scientist, In Vitro Operations


May 2017

Presented May 16, 2017
Hosted by Cambridge Healthtech Institute
MI Bioresearch Phospho-Flow Cytometry Services

Webinar Description:
Protein phosphorylation is one of the primary post-translational mechanisms by which proteins that control cancer cell proliferation and survival are regulated. This symposium will provide an overview of our new flow cytometry-based capabilities to monitor target signaling protein phosphorylation in combination with immunophenotypic analysis at a single cell level in both cancerous and immune cells.  The course will include monitoring changes in the phosphorylation state of relevant oncogenic target pathways for proliferation (e.g., MEK and ERK) and survival (e.g., AKT and S6K) in cancer cells. Further, we will demonstrate immune cell profiling of pSTAT5 in T cells. These assays enable our clients’ research of novel kinase inhibitors or pathways that modulate kinase targets in complex mixtures of tumor cells and immune cells.

Learning Objectives:

  • Flow cytometry of phospho-kinase targets in cancer cells
  • Flow methods to link phosphoprotein regulation and the induction of apoptosis
  • How phospho-flow analysis of protein phosphorylation can be used to test target cancer cell sensitivity to new drugs using the following systems:
    • RAF/MEK/ERK pathway
    • PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway
  • Demonstrate that immunophenotyping can combine with phospho-flow to analyze STAT5 signaling in immune subsets within a heterogeneous population

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*Please note the mention of “S6K” should be “S6” within the MP4 file—in the PowerPoint/PDF download these instances have been corrected.