Comprehensive Service for Lymphoid and Myeloid Subset Analysis including Absolute Counts (MI-CompLeukocyte™)

The MI-CompLeukocyte™ package provides our portfolio’s most comprehensive profile capability by enabling the analysis of 11 immune cell subsets. The MI-CompLeukocyte™ package includes 2 immunophenotyping panels and 1 quantitation panel to enable absolute cell counts within tissues.

In the data shown, CT26 tumor-bearing mice were treated with an anti-mCTLA-4 checkpoint inhibitor or an isotype control. Tumors were harvested on day 18 to measure:

(A) Absolute counts of tumor-infiltrating cells
(B) CD69* and PD-1 on tumor-derived CD8+ T cells
(C) Ki-67 median fluorescence intensity (MFI) to examine CD8+ T cell proliferation

*CD69 can be substituted for other markers including LAG3, ICOS, or CTLA-4.

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