Tumor Models Boston 2018

July 16 - July 18, 2018
Boston, MA

MI Bioresearch is proud to be a Spotlight Partner of Tumor Models Boston 2018. Stop by our booth with any questions or contact us to set up a time to meet while in Boston. Let’s talk about your upcoming preclinical oncology CRO needs. Find out what MI Bioresearch has to offer in the way of tumor models, oncology pharmacology, in vivo imaging, in vitro services, flow cytometry, and focal radiation.

In Attendance:

  • Maryland Franklin, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Development
  • David Draper, PhD, Associate Director, Scientific Development
  • Nikos Afentoulides, Sr. Director, Business Development

Speaking Engagement:

Maryland Franklin, PhD

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 | 12:00 p.m.

Biological Insights Stream > Modelling Sensitivity and Resistance, and Examining Strategies to Overcome Them > Spotlight Presentation>

Speaker:  Maryland Franklin, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Development
Topic:  “Syngeneic Models of Breast and Ovarian Cancers: Effects of Immune Modulatory Agents in Classically ‘Cold’ Tumors”

  • How to select between three murine breast cancer models
  • Preclinical immunotherapy approaches in murine breast cancer models
  • Immunotherapy in a model of murine ovarian cancer


Tumor Models Boston 2018
Revere Hotel Boston
200 Stuart Street
Boston, MA 02116

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