3rd PREDiCT Tumor Models San Francisco 2019

January 22 - January 24, 2019
San Francisco, CA

MI Bioresearch is proud to be a Spotlight Partner of 3rd PREDiCT Tumor Models San Francisco 2019. Stop by our booth with any questions or contact us to set up a time to meet while in San Francisco. Let’s talk about your upcoming preclinical oncology CRO needs. Find out what MI Bioresearch has to offer in the way of tumor models, in vivo imaging, in vitro services, flow cytometry, and focal radiation.

In attendance from MI Bioresearch:

  • Dr. Maryland Rosenfeld Franklin | Vice President, Scientific Development
  • Dr. Gregor Adams | Director, Scientific Development
  • Steve Reed | Director, Business Development

Speaking Engagement:

Thursday, January 24, 2019 | 8:30 a.m.

Syngeneic Models of Breast and Ovarian Cancers:  Effects of Immune Modulatory Agents in Classically “Cold” Tumors

  • Utilization of murine breast cancer models in preclinical immuno-oncology pharmacology
  • Pros and cons of the 4T1 mammary cancer model
  • Characteristics of alternative syngeneic breast models
  • Responses of alternate breast models to checkpoint inhibition and T cell costimulation

Maryland Franklin, PhD

Presented by:
Maryland Rosenfeld Franklin, PhD
Vice President, Scientific Development



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