TECH SPOTLIGHT | A Deeper Dive into the Tumor-Infiltrating T Cell Immunophenotype

Introducing the New MI Expanded Comp™ Multi-Color Flow Cytometry Panel

Flow cytometry using large antibody panels has the advantage of examining a greater number of cell subsets. This capability is particularly important when a comprehensive data set is required, but limited tumor material is available for analysis.

In our current Tech Spotlight, we present data generated using our new MI-Expanded CompT™ panel, a 16-color panel that takes flow analyses of T cell activation and differentiation to a more in depth level. Our improved panel builds onto the MI-CompT™ panel and adds effector and memory T cell markers, plus four additional markers for analysis of T cell activation and exhaustion. See our data on the following:

  • Panel Gating and Analysis Strategy
  • Effector/Memory T Cell Analysis
  • T Cell Activation, Exhaustion, and Granzyme B Analysis
  • Customization – NK/NKT Cell Analysis and Further Options

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