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Histotype Cell Line Species
Brain GL261-Luc2 Mouse
9L, 9L-Luc, C6, C6/A Rat
Colon C26, C51, CT26.WT Mouse
Leukemia C1498, C1498-Luc-mCh-Puro, L1210, M-NFS-60, P388, P388D1 Mouse
Liver BNL 1ME A.7R.1, BNL 1ME A.7R.1-Luc-mCh-Puro, Hepa 1-6, Hepa 1-6-Luc-mCh-Puro Mouse
Lung Lewis Lung-Luc-M38, Lewis Lung Mouse
Lymphoma A20, E.G7-OVA, YAC-1 Mouse
Macrophage J774A.1, RAW 264.7 Mouse
Mammary/Breast 4T1-luc2, E0771, EMT-6, MMTV-PyMT Mouse
Walker256 Rat
Mastocytoma P815 Mouse
Melanoma B16, B16-F10-Luc-G5, B16-F10-Luc2, B16-F10 Mouse
Myeloma 5TGM1-Luc Mouse
Neuroblastoma Neuro-2a Mouse
Ovarian ID8, ID8-Luc-mCh-Puro Mouse
Pancreatic Pan02, Pan03 Mouse
Renal COS-7 African Green Monkey
Sarcoma RIF-1 Mouse