Growth curves and/or related information is available for the cell lines listed in blue bold text.

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Histotype Cell Line Species
Adrenal NCI-H295R Human
Bladder HT-1376, J82, SW 780, T24, T24-Luc-Neo, T24P Human
Bone MG-63, Saos-2, SJSA-1 Human
Brain BT142, D54-MG-luc, DBTRG (tumor), DBTRG-05MG, Gli36-DsRed-R-Luc (rescued), LN-18, LN-229, LN-827(pMMP-LucNeo), M059K, SF-295, SF-539, SF-767, SNB-19, U-87 MG, U-87 MG-luc, U251, U251-Luc-mCh-Puro: Human Glioblastoma Human
Cervical Ca Ski, HeLa, KB Human
Colon C2BBe1, Caco-2, Colo-205-Luc #2, Colo-205, DLD-1, HCC2998, HCT 116-Luc, HCT-116, HCT-15, HCT-8, HT-29-Luc, HT-29, LoVo, LoVo-6-Luc1, LS 174T, LS411N, SW-480, SW-620 Human
Epidermoid A431 Human
Erythroleukemia HEL, HEL 92.1.7, HEL 92.1.7-Luc-Neo, HEL-Luc-Neo Human
Esophageal OE33 Human
Ewig's Sarcoma-Bone A4573 Human
Fibroblast Hs 895.T, NHDF (normal human dermal fibroblasts), TE 353.Sk, TE 354.T Human
Gastric GIST-T1, NCI-N87, NUGC-4, SNU-5 Human
Head and Neck [squamous cell carcinoma] CAL 27, FaDu Human
Leukemia [Acute Promyelocytic] HL-60 Human
Leukemia [AML] EOL-1, Kasumi-1, Kasumi-3, Kasumi-3-Luc-mCh-Puro, KG-1-Luc-mCh-Puro, MOLM-13, MV-4-11, MV-4-11-FUW-Luc-mCh-Puro, NOMO-1, THP-1 Human
Leukemia [B-ALL] Reh, Reh (pMMP-Luc-Neo), RS4;11 Human
Leukemia [CML] K-562, K-562-Luc2 Human
Leukemia [Plasma Cell] ARH-77 Human
Leukemia [T-ALL] CCRF-CEM, DND-41-Luc-mCh-Puro, Jurkat, Jurkat-Clone E6-1, MOLT-4 Human
Liposarcoma SW 872 Human
Liver Hep 3B2.1-7, Hep G2 Human
Lung A549-Luc-C8, A549, Calu-1, Calu-3, Calu-6, DMS 114, EBC-1, HCC827, HCC827-Luc-mCh-Puro, NCI-H125, NCI-H125-Luc, NCI-H1299, NCI-H1650, NCI-H1703, NCI-H1703-Luc-mCh-Puro, NCI-H1975-Luc, NCI-H1975, NCI-H2110, NCI-H23, NCI-H292, NCI-H292-HGF, NCI-H3122, NCI-H322M, NCI-H441, NCI-H446, NCI-H460, NCI-H460-Luc2, NCI-H522, NCI-H596, NCI-H69, NCI-H82, PC-9, SHP-77, SK-MES-1 Human
Lymphoma [B-Cell] DB Human
Lymphoma [B-NHL] Farage, GRANTA-519, SU-DHL-6 Human
Lymphoma [Burkitt's] B-JAB, Daudi, Daudi-Luc-mCherry-Puro, NAMALWA, Raji, Raji-Luc, Ramos Human
Lymphoma [Cutaneous T Cell - Sezary Syndrome] HuT 78 Human
Lymphoma [Diffuse Mixed] HT, SU-DHL-6, SU-DHL-6-Luc-mCh-Puro Human
Lymphoma [DLBCL] OCI-Ly1 LN, OCI-Ly19-Luc-Neo, OCI-Ly3-Luc-mCh-Puro, OCI-Ly7-Luc-mCh-Puro (rescued), OCI-Ly7-Luc-Neo, SU-DHL-10, SU-DHL-10-LN-High, SU-DHL-16, SU-DHL-4-Luc-mCh-Puro, SU-DHL-8, WSU-DLCL2 Human
Lymphoma [Follicular] WSU-FSCCL, WSU-FSCCL-CMV-Luc-Puro, WSU-FSCCL-MSCV-Luc-Puro-copGFP Human
Lymphoma [Malignant NHL] NK-92MI Human
Macrophage J774A.1, RAW 264.7 Mouse
Mammary/Breast BT-20, BT-474, HCC1395, HCC70, Hs 578Bst, Hs 578T, MCF-7, MCF7-Luc-mCh-Puro, MDA-MB-231, MDA-MB-231-2LMP, MDA-MB-231-Luc-D3H1, MDA-MB-231-Luc-D3H2, MDA-MB-231-Luc-D3H2LN, MDA-MB-231-Luc-D3H2LN, MDA-MB-231-Luc-D3H3, MDA-MB-361, MDA-MB-453, MDA-MB-468, MX-1-Luc, MX-1, SK-BR-3, T47D, UISO-BCA1, ZR-75-1 Human
Melanoma A2058, A2058, A375, COLO-829, G-361, LOX IMVI, M14, MDA-MB-435S, OCM-1, OCM-1-Luc-mCH-Puro, PA-NUT, SK-MEL-28, SK-MEL-28-Luc-mCh-Puro, SK-MEL-5, UACC-62, WM-115, WM-266-4 Human
Myeloma JJN-3-Luc, MM.1S (pMMP-Luc-Neo), NCI-H929, NCI-H929-Luc-mCh-Puro, OPM-2, RPMI 8226, U266B1 Human
Neuroblastoma SK-N-AS, SK-N-FI, SK-N-SH Human
Neuroendocrine Skin MKL-1 Human
Normal Fibroblast Hs 895.Sk Human
Ovarian A2780-Luc, A2780, IGROV-1, IGROV1-Luc-Mch-Puro, NIH:OVCAR-3, OV-90, OVCAR-3, OVCAR-4, OVCAR-5, OVCAR-8-Luc-mCh-Puro, OVCAR-8, SK-OV-3, SKOV-3-luc-D3 Human
Pancreatic Bx-PC-3, BxPC-3-Luc2, Capan-1, Capan-2, KP4, MI PaCa-2-Luc, MiaPaCa-2, PANC-1, PANC-1-Luc-mCh-Puro, SU-86.86 Human
Placental Choriocarcinoma BeWo Human
Prostate 22Rv1, CWR-22-R, DU 145-Luc, DU-145, LNCaP-FGC, PC-3-Luc, PC-3, PC-3M-Luc-C6, VCaP Human
Renal 769-P, 786-O, 786-O-Luc-Neo (rescued), A-498, ACHN, Caki-1, HEK 293, TK-10 Human
Thyroid MB-1 Human
Vulva SK-LMS-1 Human