In addition to our focus in oncology, MI Bioresearch works across a variety of relevant rodent models of human disease—particularly when our broad range of sophisticated tools (especially in vivo imaging) can provide a distinct advantage over traditional methods.

The below matrix provides examples of applications we have experience with.


Therapeutic Area Tool Application
General CT Brain/skull volumentry
MRI Brain volumentry
PET/CT F18 PET imaging of neuro-receptor occupancy
PET/CT FDG-PET imaging of brain metabolism
SPECT/CT Tc99 SPECT imaging of neuro-receptor occupancy
Parkinson’s Disease SPECT/CT I123 DaTscan imaging of dopamine transporter
Stroke MRI Infarct volume in tMCAO stroke model
Bone related CT High resolution micro-CT of bone in vivo and ex vivo
FLI Assessment of osteoclast activity by FLI imaging of Cathepsin K using the Cat K 680 FAST fluorescent imaging agent
Acute Inflammation MRI F19 MRI imaging of macrophages in acute inflammation (sponge granuloma)
MRI Quantitation of hypercellularity by ADC MRI in models of renal fibrosis
CT Quantitation of tissue density in the lung in models of pulmonary fibrosis
MRI In vivo tracking of therapeutic cells using F19 reagents or USPIO in naive or disease model rodents