MI Bioresearch offers in-house histology and immunohistochemistry (IHC), further expanding our extensive list of services to enhance your study. We are committed to making your outsourcing as easy and streamlined as possible. Optimal preservation and structural integrity of your samples is ensured by simply moving samples down the hallway from the vivarium to the histology lab in our state-of-the-art facility. Quality imaging for analysis is achieved using the Aperio VERSA Brightfield Fluorescence Digital Pathology Scanner. MI offers a full suite of histology and IHC services, including custom work, and will be adding markers routinely.

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Validated IHC Markers:


AE1_AE3+5D3 with arrows

AE1/AE3+5D3 cytoplasmic positive mouse skin. Cytokeratin’s are  filamentous proteins detectable in epithelial cells. They can be utilized in tumor differentiation, cell typing, and micrometastasis.


Goat Anti-Mouse IgG


HER2 with arrows

Her2 positive cytoplasm in BT474 tumor tissue. Her2 is a human EGF receptor involved in kinase mediated activation of signaling pathways. It is used as a predictive factor and determinant in therapy in cancer treatment.


Ki67 with arrows

Ki67 positive tonsil tissue, with localization dominant in the nucleus. The Ki67 protein Is associated cellular proliferation, and therefore can be used as a prognostic tool in cancer.



PR with arrows

PR positive nuclei in BT474 tumor tissue. Progesterone receptor is involved in activating signaling pathway for hormone stimulation. It can be utilized in determining  appropriate drug  therapy in cancer treatment.