Preclinical Studies for CAR T-Cell Therapies

While CAR T-cell therapy has not been the overnight success that it first appeared to be, with the first CAR T-cells developed in the late 1980s, it remains a highly active area of preclinical and clinical development. The therapy involves extracting a patient’s own T-cells, expanding and genetically modifying them ex vivo to recognize a […]

Preclinical Studies for Your Oncolytic Virus Immunotherapy

Oncolytic virus immunotherapy is experiencing an increase in interest with several types of viruses having progressed to advanced efficacy trials. Recent FDA approval of a novel viral therapy demonstrates the potential of this therapeutic approach. The mechanism of action for virus therapy is based on the fact that certain viruses can enter cancer cells and replicate […]

Dylan Daniel, Ph.D. joins Molecular Imaging, Inc. as Director of Scientific Development

Dr. Daniel is an immunologist and preclinical oncology pharmacologist with leadership experience in all phases of early R&D for oncology and cancer immunotherapy. Dr. Daniel has a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology and conducted post-doctoral work with Doug Hanahan at UCSF where he worked on immuno-oncology in genetically engineered mouse models. From there, Dr. Daniel […]

Molecular Imaging Launches New Name; Presents Posters at the American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2016

April, 2016 Ann Arbor, Mich., April 7, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Molecular Imaging, Inc. (MI), a leading preclinical oncology contract research organization, announces that, as of April 16, 2016, its name will change to “MI Bioresearch,” with the tagline “Advancing Your Preclinical Oncology.” The company will unveil its new branding at the American Association of Cancer Research […]

Standard Panels for Flow Cytometry Established

Standard Immunophenotyping Panels Accurate immunophenotyping by flow cytometry can uncover the mechanism of immuno-modulatory treatments.  Molecular Imaging offers a comprehensive line of antibody panels that enables identification and functional characterization of myeloid and lymphoid subsets that are key regulators of disease. Lymphoid Lineage Myeloid Lineage CD4+ T cells CD8+ T cells Regulatory T cells B […]

Molecular Imaging, Inc. has added the Attune™ NxT Flow Cytometer to its In Vitro Services

In Vitro Services at Molecular Imaging, Inc. takes Immuno-Oncology research to the next level by adding the Attune™ NxT Flow Cytometer to its instrumentation.  Fully upgraded with four lasers, 16 detection parameters, and the Attune™ NxT Autosampler, the NxT combines expanded multiparametric immunophenotyping together with high throughput data acquisition. The NxT system enables the identification […]

Molecular Imaging Embraces XSTRAHL Targeted Irradiation Technology

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN (October 28, 2015) — Molecular Imaging, Inc., a leading provider of preclinical oncology services, announced today that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Xstrahl, Inc.  Under the agreement, Molecular Imaging will add Xstrahl’s industry-leading Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP) to its existing portfolio of technologies supporting its services business.  […]

James Norman joins Molecular Imaging, Inc. as Vice President of Sales

Molecular Imaging, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of James M. Norman as Vice President, Sales, effective May 12, 2014. For the last seven years, Mr. Norman has led the commercial establishment and growth of Maccine Pte Ltd. as their global head of business development. Maccine is a leader in providing high quality non-clinical […]

Maryland R. Franklin, Ph.D. joins Molecular Imaging, Inc. as the new Director of Oncology Pharmaco-Imaging

Ann Arbor, MI March 12, 2014 Molecular Imaging, Inc. (MII), a contract research organization providing preclinical pharmacology and multi-modality preclinical in vivo imaging services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, today announced that Maryland R. Franklin, Ph.D. has joined the company as the new Director of Oncology Pharmaco-Imaging. Dr. Franklin was formerly at OSI Pharmaceuticals (a wholly owned […]

Future Pharmaceuticals

Future Image Download PDF: 300.12_200811-future_pharma._future_image.pdf

Drug Discovery & Development: Coming Into Focus

What if the experimental subject in a longitudinal study could serve as its own control? Behold: the novel advantages of in vivo toxicology imaging Download PDF: 300.3_200812-drug_discovery._coming_into_focus_0.pdf

Molecular Imaging, Inc. and Oncotest GmbH Bring the Power of in vivo Imaging to Patient Derived Tumor Xenografts

Molecular Imaging, Inc. (“Molecular Imaging”) and Oncotest GmbH (“Oncotest”) announced today that they have entered into a collaboration and co-promotion agreement to apply  Molecular Imaging’s experience and expertise in in-vivo pre-clinical Imaging to the pioneering Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) work of Oncotest. Under the terms of the agreement both companies will promote the ability to […]

Molecular Imaging, Inc initiates search for Director, Oncology pharmaco-IMAGING

Molecular Imaging, Inc., (MII) a specialty contract research organization providing multi-modality preclinical in vivo imaging services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, today announced it has initiated a global search to fill a newly created role: Director, Oncology pharmaco-IMAGING. The new position is aimed at building on an existing successful business to intensify focus on oncology […]